Metro Walls Underway on Lowell Catholic High

CFS pre-engineered roof truss by Atlantic Prefab

Manchester, NH – Metro Walls, Inc. of Manchester has been selected to construct all of the exterior framing and high-impact drywall for the 11,600sf Lowell Catholic High School slated to open this spring.

Metro Walls chose Atlantic Prefab to build the specialty trusses for this project.

Atlantic Prefab of Wilton was hired on to provide CFS Pre-Engineered Roof Trusses for the entrances for this project. These trusses were fabricated with a radiused bottom chord which saved Metro Walls both money and man-hours.

An estimated six days of labor and thousands of dollars were saved by going prefab.

Originally, the contract drawings had shown the actual radius framed in the field, however, these plans were able to be altered.

“Our unique approach to radiused members allowed us to take care of this in our warehouse, essentially saving the customer hundreds of man-hours and time on-site,” said Mark Beroney, general manager/senior designer at Atlantic Prefab.



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