Mechanical Insulation – It Works !! Commercial Market- Untapped Potential

by Jack Lister

The Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals (MIC) conducted an unprecedented study of the effects of mechanical insulation systems in Schools and Hospitals throughout the United States and found that on an average:

For Schools, it is estimated that properly designed, installed and maintained Mechanical Insulation saves about 20% of the total usage of site Energy.

For Hospitals, the energy savings from mechaical insulation are estimated to be roughly 78% of the total site ENERGY usage.

The Montana Mechanical Insulation Assessment Program identified approximately 3500 items in 25 state owned buildings (56 mechanical rooms) where mechanical insulation was missing or damaged.

Properly insulating these items would result in estimates of: Energy savings of about 6 billion Btu per year; overall payback period of 4.1 years; aAssosciated reductions in CO2 emissions; estimated at 300 metric tonnes per year; Annualized rate of return of 24 % and energy savings representing 8% of natural gas consumption

Do The Math! It Pays To Insulate And Pays And Pays!!

Jack Lister is director of Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals