Education Restoration/Renovation

Marr Provides Worker Access at Tufts University’s Hill Hall

Marr installed 240 linear feet of sectional scaffolding along the exterior facade of Hill Hall.

Medford, MA – Tufts University’s Hill Hall in Medford, which houses all first-year students, is currently undergoing a renovation requiring multi-trade use of various equipment to complete the building’s exterior facade. Windover Construction has contracted Marr Scaffolding Company (MSC) to install both scaffolding and mast climbing platforms to provide worker access during the student-free summer months.

Beginning in early June, MSC’s Scaffold Division installed sectional scaffold on both the front and rear sides of Hill Hall, covering two identical bump outs as well as the areas between the lower roof of the bump out and the top roof. Over three weeks, the crew installed approximately 145 linear feet of scaffolding 50 feet high around the bump outs, as well as approximately 100 linear feet of scaffolding 30 feet high off the lower roofs. Sectional scaffold was utilized as it maximizes efficiency for masonry workers, allowing them to easily make adjustments while moving up and down the facade.

A total of 12 P-Series mast climbing platforms were installed for masonry and glass contractors to access additional areas of the building’s exterior facade.

MSC’s Mast Climber Division is providing equipment for masonry and glass contractors to access additional areas of Hill Hall’s exterior facade. Starting in mid-May, MSC installed 12 P-Series mast climbing platforms along the building’s 5-story-high straight runs. According to MSC representatives, P-Series mast climbing units are well-suited for this project given the building’s lower height, and they are also extremely portable, easy and quick to set up.

Both the scaffolding and mast climbing platforms are slated for dismantling ahead of the fall semester.