Lockheed Invests In CNC Machines

| December 24, 2019

Submitted by Lockheed Window Corporation

Pascoag, RI – Lockheed Window Corporation, a commercial construction company, drastically boosted its production game over the past two years by investing in two CNC machines, which are particularly helpful in overseeing production and quality control while ensuring everything runs automatically and flawlessly. Specialized software drives the computerized machining and makes it easy to spot errors early on in the production process. Lockheed invested in these game-changing machines to bring its quality, efficiency, and overall production to a new level, and so far, it has paid off.

Dolan School of Business, a recent Lockheed project, is an impressive example that made use of the new technology. This project consisted of Lockheed installing EFCO curtain wall systems, doors, and vents, as well as SAF aluminum composite column covers, Alucoil aluminum composite dry joint panels, and SaftiFirst fire-resistive and GPX architectural series framing.

On large projects like Dolan, the job site can often be a bit hectic. Finding a way to make sure all active trades can work in harmony is always a challenge, and the margin for error is small. The CNC machines were a huge help in ensuring the production process ran smoothly, saving the Lockheed team time, money, and aggravation, and allowing Lockheed to complete its work on the project in less than a year. Moving into the new decade, the majority of Lockheed’s new projects will be produced with this level of sophistication, thanks to the benefit of its investment in groundbreaking modern technology.

Lockheed teams are fully equipped to handle the various needs of any commercial construction project, whether it be developing a new building or revamping an existing one. To check out some of Lockheed’s completed projects, visit their website gallery or video library page.

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