Connecticut Featured Restoration/Renovation

KSR Chosen for Church Restoration

View of Cathedral of Saint Joseph at night

Hartford, CT – Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc. (KSR) has been selected to restore the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, guided by the design of Benjamin Robinson AIA, of Hoffmann Architects.

Many levels of scaffolding combined with the use of swing staging were required for access. Various hoists and elevators were required to lift stone material up and down the 284-foot-tall front façade. Custom limestone veneers were provided by Quarra Stone Co. and were carved by Christoph Henning and the company’s masons.

From the roof via swing staging and from the ground via man lifts,  100% of the limestone exterior was cleaned, as well as portions of surrounding components such as windows, metal cladding, and landscaping.

Titan Roofing installed new waterproofing methods and modified flashing to remedy issues not addressed since the original design.

Finally, LED lighting was installed inside the steeple tower and on the surface of the 30-foot stainless steel cross. This lighting is controlled by a timer and can be modified for color and brightness.

The Archdiocese hired Barbara Bouyea and Associates to design and supervise the installation.

KSR has been a member of the CT ABC for 30 years.

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