Jewett Welcomes Two

Kaylee Pingree

Fremont, NH – Jewett Construction Company, a New England regional design-build construction management firm and general contractor, announced it recently welcomed Kaylee Pingree as project accountant, and John Martin as assistant project manager.

Pingree graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Post-graduation, she started her career as a staff accountant for Bauer Hockey. Representatives of Jewett say she is excellent at communicating information to multiple departments and making sure needs are met on all sides of a project.

Martin will help continue to strengthen Jewett’s commitment to clients throughout the Pine Tree State.

John Martin

He graduated from the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering technologies. Post-graduation, Martin started his career as a field engineer where he managed $20 million worth of commercial building projects, established client relationships, and mentored new field engineers. Representatives of Jewett say his knowledge of the construction community and his demonstrated past performance in Maine makes him an integral part of the firm’s continued growth.

When asked what his favorite thing about working at Jewett was, Martin responded: “I have had the opportunity to work not only within the operations department as an assistant project manager but have been able to use my skill set to help in business development and preconstruction as well. Jewett Construction has allowed me to chart my own course for success.”

When asked about what motivates him, Martin answered this: “Learning, the opportunity to learn every day and continue to better myself is what motivates me. It’s not just about finishing projects, although I love that too, for me, it’s about finding ways to be more effective. I always want to see what is around the next corner and having the freedom to apply that learning to the work I do every day has been one of the best parts of working at Jewett.”

When asked what her favorite thing about working at Jewett was, Pingree responded: “Jewett is in the process of implementing new software systems, revisiting old processes, and it’s exciting to collaborate across departments to make things better. We are all trying to learn how to manage the workload that has come out of the success of Jewett’s growth in the past couple years. It’s very energizing and exciting to be part of laying the groundwork for policies we can grow with, because I don’t see Jewett slowing down any time soon.”

When asked about what motivates her, Pingree answered this: “The opportunity for growth. I want to grow professionally, I genuinely want to continue to better myself, to learn more and gain experience.”

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