JACA Architects Wins Abu Dhabi Contract

Quincy, MA – JACA Architects has been awarded its first overseas project at the International Knee & Joint Centre in Abu Dhabi.

JACA Architects will work with a local engineering firm in Abu Dhabi, selected by the Center, to help with local implementation and completion of the Construction Design phase of this 30,000sf section.

The Abu Dhabi Knee and Joint Centre specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with knee, joint and sports-related injuries. Providing patients with state-of-the-art healthcare based on accepted international standards and evidence-based medicine, the Centre has performed thousands of surgical procedures.

JACA’s design will address the emphasis on the cultural needs and spiritual requirements of both male and female patients, blending the Western and the Middle-Eastern models for delivering patient care.

The International Knee & Joint Centre in Abu Dhabi is being established by Dr. Charles Brown, Medical Director, and highly specialized Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon who has documented the phenomenon of “Arab Knee”, and partner Dave Baston, PT, SCS, CSCS to provide both clinical treatment and physical therapy rehabilitation. “Arab Knee”, according to Dr. Charles Brown, is the phenomena where the downward slope of the tibia, the second largest bone in the body after the femur or thigh bone, is more slanted among Arabs than people in the west.

Anthony Cavallaro, President of JACA Architects, said, “Having been selected as the architect for this project provides JACA the opportunity to understand how the delivery of healthcare is different, yet similar, between the two cultures. There is a mix of cultures and medical care practice that will be joined in the final product. The Middle Eastern patient care model, in some aspects, is more advanced than that of the Western culture.”

He continued, “The JACA team and I are very ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with such a distinguished group of care providers.”