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Interview with ASM CEO Carrie Ciliberto

Carrie Ciliberto is the new chief executive officer of Associated Subcontractors of Massachusetts, Inc. (ASM).

Carrie Ciliberto


HP: What will be tops on your to-do list moving forward?

One of the top priorities is to continue to enhance ASM’s strong advocacy program to ensure that subcontractors are working under fair laws. Another is to create educational events and programs that focus not only on relevant content, but also facilitate relationship building. Another priority is to engage our young professionals. They are our future leaders, and as you know, the industry is suffering a workforce shortage and we want to be part of the solution.

Networking at ASM’s General Contractor’s Showcase

HP: Does ASM have a young professionals group?

We do have a young professionals group. I believe in collaboratingwith other industry stakeholders and associations whenever we can. I think that networking and relationship building are very important. If young professionals learn that, I believe it will serve them very well throughout their career. So, part of my goals will be working with other industry groups.

Attendees at ASM’s”Communicate with Impact” event

HP: What events are on the horizon for ASM?

We are looking at a variety of future programs. On September 27, we have a safety program on silica. On October 3, we have a financial planning event at the Embassy Suites in Waltham, and we have our biannual gala at the Westin Copley on November 9. Those are three in-person events we have scheduled at the moment.

I am also working with some groups to see if we can put something together by late summer or early fall designed to get young professionals together. We also are incorporating webinars as a way to facilitate our statewide and regional programming. It is often difficult for folks to come in person to some programs, so we are looking for other ways to get members involved and feel the value of their membership. We have a number of webinars scheduled for this fall, and some are free. The ASM website provides registration details for all of these events.

HP: What is the core message that you want to get out to the AEC industry?

In a lot of ways the answer is in our mission statement, which is to protect and advance the interests of all subcontractors and suppliers and to promote professionalism in public and private construction through education, communication, and advocacy. That being said, we all work in the same industry and we all have the same interests at a high level. We want fantastic projects, we want them to be built on time, on budget, and safely. So, I look forward to collaborating with other industry stakeholders to create mutually beneficial opportunities for our respective members.

HP: What background do you have that has helped you to prepare for this position?

I have had three careers that have helped prepare me to lead ASM: My first was right out of college as an advertising and marketing professional. My second career was as a legal professional practicing law in Colorado for more than 10 years. And, my third career was in the construction association world coming from the Associated General Contractors of America in D.C., where I worked with a wide variety of industry coalition members. I think these three different areas have provided me with a unique perspective that allows me to make a critical analysis of a situation yet have some creative freedom in developing solutions and the entrepreneurial spirit to implement them.

ASM has a long and accomplished history, and I am very proud to be taking over at the helm. So, we will honor the past but embrace the future . . . and the future is bright.