Innovative Energy Efficiency Partnership Announced in Massachusetts

Boston – Veolia North America announced it has won a three-year, $8 million contract to provide energy information systems and services for the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) as part of its Commonwealth Energy Intelligence (CEI) program.

Veolia will provide whole building real-time energy metering and analytics, identifying opportunities for savings, allowing Commonwealth users to view the performance of its assets in real time and assist facility managers in making improvements prior to the end of a billing cycle.

As part of the state’s efforts to construct high-performance buildings that prioritize energy and emission reductions, this statewide partnership includes approximately 460 buildings across the Commonwealth including courthouses, health facilities, community colleges, the State House and communities from Marblehead to the Berkshires. Data will identify energy and water efficiency opportunities for tracking and reducing carbon as part of the Executive Order 594, which establishes the state’s goals and requirements for accelerating the decarbonization of fuels used to heat and cool state facilities, as well as demonstrate new technologies and strategies needed to meet the Commonwealth’s energy standards and quicken the shift to electric heating.

“Like many of our clients, Massachusetts is looking for energy efficiency and carbon reduction as part of statewide efforts to support cost-savings and sustainability, especially following the historic clean energy legislation that was recently passed by the state,” said Veolia North America vice president of facilities and building solutions, Jack Griffin. “This cutting-edge partnership is the latest example of the role that Veolia’s experts play assisting state and local entities as they seek to decarbonize and achieve a sustainable, clean energy economy. Through collaboration, we will ensure that these public facilities are setting the tone for energy efficiency standards across the Commonwealth and will serve as a model for solving these kinds of challenges across the country.”

Previously, the Massachusetts Legislature passed a major climate and clean-energy bill that contained sweeping policies focused on renewables, transportation and fossil fuels, a move that lawmakers and advocates have said is critical to supporting the state’s goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Veolia North America’s Hubgrade platform provides digital tools which use submeter, building management system and utility invoice data, and enables the application of human expertise to identify actionable information. As part of the contract’s scope, the state’s facility managers can use real-time data and expert analysis to make decisions about energy and water conservation.