Ipswich Bay Glass Builds on 50 Years of Expertise


Ipswich Bay Glass Rowley headquarters

Sandy Patrican founded Ipswich Bay Glass (IBG) in 1969 to provide the highest quality glazing and panel systems fabrication and installation on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Fifty years later, IBG, based in Rowley, Mass., is one of the top commercial façade companies in the northeast.

The success of IBG is a testament to the strong leadership of Sandy and his sons, Mike and Brian, as well as the dedication of its employees and skilled craftsmen. Every department, from design, engineering, project management and estimating to fabrication, material handling and installation, is driven to produce the highest caliber building envelope solutions.

For half a century, owners, developers, architects and general contractors have been able to benefit from IBG’s extensive experience and deep knowledge of façade systems, new materials and latest technologies that keep projects on schedule and on budget. Clients also rely on IBG’s Design Assist service to help enhance a design, increase system performance and offer alternative solutions that can avoid costly setbacks.

Over the years, IBG has become particularly well-known for evolving and solving façade challenges. For example, when IBG identified a need for a panelized light gauge metal framing system, it created its own solution. After a year of development and testing, IBG’s Unitized Stud Wall System was launched. The new proprietary solution merges unitized curtainwall technology with light gauge metal framing systems and utilizes true unitized dry stack joints on both the vertical and horizontal. This solution is fully integrated with IBG’s PG series unitized curtainwall systems allowing a seamless transition between glass and opaque walls and IBG’s preglazed flanged 1600 SS punched windows. It is capable of accommodating all types of rainscreen systems including composite panel, plate panel, fiber cement, terracotta and phenolic, making it an attractive option for a variety of new construction and renovation projects.

Looking back at 50 years in business, Sandy Patrican noted, “While today’s buildings are quite different from what they were when I started IBG, our company’s strengths and values are very much the same. It’s been exciting to be part of the evolution in building design and I look forward to the future.”

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