IA Creates Rapid 7 HQ


Boston -IA Interior Architects worked with Rapid 7 recently to create a new corporate headquarters in Boston with a design concept that strikes a balance between a technology company and a refined, professional services firm. Rapid 7 provides security solutions that deliver visibility and insight that help organizations assess their defenses, inform and manage compliance, and create action plans

Graduating from an office with few physical ties to the Rapid 7 brand – their original offices formerly housed financial services and the company moved in as-is – IA Interior Architects helped craft a space that supports the company’s culture.


IA redesigned two levels across 45,000sf to support Rapid 7’s sales, marketing, finance, legal departments, and C-suites. Like moving from your college dorm to your first home, this was Rapid 7’s opportunity to personalize and brand their office.

The headquarters design provides a space that fosters interaction, collaboration and supports Rapid 7’s unique culture. The team created zones for each department to function in their own unique way. For instance, the sales department is very active, loud and unpredictable so it was located in an area that allows them to continue to behave in the same ways but provide a separation from other departments that are involved with more focused work.