HP Interviews N.A. Manosh Corporation of Morrisville, VT

High-Profile: To begin, could you share a brief history of N.A. Manosh Corporation (Manosh), detailing how it was founded in 1959 and the journey it has taken to become the multifaceted company it is today?

MANOSH: In 1959, one man with a backhoe started the H.A. Manosh Corporation. In 1965, Howard Manosh responded to the area’s growing need for accessible clean water by purchasing the company’s first well drilling rig, and the catchphrase “Manosh, by Gosh” took root. Today, under the dynamic leadership of Howard’s son, Nick, the N.A. Manosh Corporation provides water well drilling, construction drilling, and water treatment systems for residential, commercial, municipal, agricultural and industrial clients throughout Vermont and New England.

Nick Manosh, owner of N.A. Manosh Corporation

HP: Then you must have been very busy during the 2023 Vermont flooding?  What services did Manosh provide?

MANOSH: We worked in multiple areas and resources post flood. On the aggregate side, thousands of yards of material were provided to various contractors. The State of Vermont sent truck after truck for days picking up aggregate to shore up the roads and ditches. We built back many roads for the Town of Stannard, as they are a one man crew with limited resources.

On the private well side, many people were out of water due to their wells being contaminated. We provided service to get those wells up and running so clients could have safe drinking water as soon as possible.

For municipalities, we provided tankers of fresh water and monitored them at the hospital so it could stay open and still perform operations in a sterile environment.

With our hydro-vac and septic division, we provided Vactors, pump trucks and personnel to assist in the removal of debris deposited by the flood in the municipal wastewater treatment plants external tanks at multiple locations throughout Vermont.

(l-r): Connor Manosh (Nick’s son), Howard Manosh, and Nick Manosh

HP: Among the array of services provided, geothermal work stands out. When did Manosh first venture into geothermal services, and what motivated the company to include this option in its offerings?

MANOSH: In 1980, H.A. Manosh broke ground on its first geothermal project for a New Hampshire Electric Company. N.A. Manosh really liked the concept of using geothermal energy to heat and cool the home, but the heat pumps were not efficient enough with their use of electricity to make it cost effective for the homeowner or for our firm. Within the last 10 years, heat pumps have become a lot more efficient. Then, in 2012, we completed the largest geothermal project in Vermont at that time, which consisted of 116 wells on the side of a ski slope in Stowe.

In 2022 and 2023, we worked on a large project in Burlington, Vt., which entailed 267 wells drilled and over 60 miles of pipework to complete the project.

Environmental Impact

HP: Geothermal energy is often praised for its environmental benefits. How does the company prioritize sustainability and communicate the positive environmental impact of its geothermal services to clients?

MANOSH: Using less fossil fuels and renewable energy has always been an interest for us. Not only do we have a working solar field that powers an aggregate pit, we prioritize sustainability by constantly improving our geothermal installation process and our equipment. We have switched most of our equipment to being tier 4, which allows us to leave less of a carbon footprint during the installation process. We also convey to our customers once the installation is done, the only energy needed to heat and cool their house/or building is electricity.

Challenges and Solutions in Geothermal Work

HP: Geothermal projects can present unique challenges. Could you share some specific challenges the company has encountered in its geothermal work and the innovative solutions that were implemented to overcome them?

MANOSH: Oftentimes, the most difficult challenges faced with geothermal installs is dewatering the drill process and dealing with different rock formations. We are always looking for better, more efficient, ways of dealing with situations. One of the ways we do this is utilizing our dual rotary drill with a casing hammer to overcome difficult rock formations.

Geothermal Technology Advancements

HP: How has the company embraced advancements in geothermal technology, and what role does it play in your overall service offerings?

MANOSH: The biggest advancement we have seen in geothermal technology is heat pump technology. Geothermal heat pump tech has become very user friendly and interactive for customers; and in our services, we provide the flexibility of offering different heat pump configurations to best meet the customer’s needs.

Geothermal’s Role in Future Growth

HP: Looking ahead, how do you envision the role of geothermal services contributing to the continued growth and success of the company, and are there any upcoming developments or projects in the geothermal sector that you are particularly excited about?

MANOSH: We believe that the geothermal division will continue to grow with the growing need for a sustainable heat source. We have fully equipped ourselves to do complete installs from the drilling, grouting, looping, and underground horizontal piping installation, to installing heat pumps and providing customers with manual J calculations and geothermal field designs.