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HP Connects is our first-ever, free weekly webinar series featuring discussions with AEC industry professionals, designed to discover new ways to adapt, pivot, and come together. Each week features a new guest and topic.
HPConnects is currently on hiatus for the month of September.  We are accepting pitches for upcoming slots of HPConnects.  Be a panelist!
Week 13: Thursday, July 16

Post COVID-19 Healthy Building Strategies – Using Facility Monitoring Technology for Better Air Measurement and Control

Guest: Tom Halgas and Tom Proietti of Flow Tech

Better air equals better outcomes. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Post COVID-19 healthy building strategies are going to rely on particle measurement and control alongside proper control of relative humidity and ventilation. In this webinar you will learn how implementing a safe, smart facility monitoring system into your building will:

  • Decrease and/or stop the spread of COVID-19, among other viruses

  • Improve indoor air quality (IAQ)

  • Provide a healthy environment for occupants

  • Increase productivity

Week 12: Thursday, July 9

Public Construction Work and Your Bonding Program: How to Diversify and Grow Your Business in an Uncertain Time

Guest: Matt Leskanic and Greg Angel of Surety Bond Professionals, Inc.

The recent pandemic has prompted many contractors to examine their workload and diversify their portfolio. In this webinar Matt Leskanic and Greg Angel, Surety Executives at Surety Bond Professionals will discuss the benefits of working in the Public Sector, how public projects work, and the best way to secure them.

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