GSX, Triumph Modular Form Partnership

Cambridge, MA  – GreenStaxx (GSX) recently announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with modular construction industry pioneer Triumph Modular. This collaborative arrangement enables GSX and Triumph to meet the growing demand for more sophisticated living communities at schools and colleges using pre-engineered designs that eliminate the frustration with the lead-times, variables, disruption and cost inherent in traditional construction.

GSX provides a solution that utilizes a patented digital library of pre-designed and pre-engineered units that can be assembled like Lego blocks into a multitude of building configurations. Coupled with a team-oriented integration strategy that includes architects, construction managers, and modular manufacturers, GSX and its partners provide developers with a process that lowers costs, improves quality and reduces construction time.

The detailed planning and specifications owners typically associate with Building Information Modeling, or “BIM” – especially the complexity of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other interconnections within a building – are delivered using the GSX solution. This process builds on the work that earned the firm awards from the Urban Land Institute and Multifamily Housing Executive.

GSX is currently building a network of strategic partnerships with construction managers, architects, and modular manufacturers to create an ecosystem that will enable developers of all types of modular housing to realize the benefits of mass production, based on the principles of standardization, repetition and continuous improvement.