Grand Opening Held for Giana’s Restaurant & Bar

Easton, MA – Haynes Group announced that it celebrated the grand opening of Giana’s Restaurant & Bar on Jan. 12.

Photos courtesy of Giana’s Restaurant & Bar

Current partner of Novara and Abby Park in Milton, the owner and chef is Tony DeRienzo. “My family has always been in the restaurant business. I asked Brandon (Chase) to help me with this project, and now we are here,” he said.

DeRienzo and Chase say they were inspired to bring “city to the suburbs.” “When you walk into the restaurant, it feels like you could be in Boston or other areas of the country like Miami or out West, which was our goal,” said Chase, who is the project designer and co-owner. “You can find captivating design elements everywhere in the restaurant, from the 44-seat bar to the pizza oven and open kitchen to the video wall and hand-painted mural.”

“During the project we faced challenges concerning lead times which had an impact on the schedule,” said Brandon Mager, project manager at Haynes Group. “By maintaining consistent and effective communication with the client, we were able to make changes necessary to get back on track.”

“Collaborating with the team was excellent. Despite the long and tedious process, Haynes made it so much easier,” said Chase.