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Flow Tech Opens Demonstration Lab

The return air side, containing custom ERU with MK Plastics exhaust fans

South Windsor, CT – Flow Tech, Inc. announced the opening of its Demonstration (Demo) Lab at its office in South Windsor.

The Demo Lab was designed to be a working example of how FlowTech’s equipment and systems improve the comfort and safety of facilities, while providing energy savings. The space showcases 14 of the 19 engineered equipment and systems that Flow Tech represents, in one comprehensive HVAC system.

HPT energy recovery piping between the supply and exhaust units

In addition to the system itself, a graphics module was created to replicate a Building Management System (BMS), showing the operations of the system. Specific parameters such as airflow rates, air quality, and energy savings can be viewed at any time. Each piece of equipment also features a QR code that visitors can scan to learn more about the features, benefits, and specifications for any given unit.

The supply air side, containing custom AHUs and duct work accessories

Flow Tech plans to utilize the Demo Lab for a variety of purposes, including external training for customers and design engineers, new employee training, and a research and development space for its field technicians. Another potential use is as a space for recruitment events and open houses. The company has also begun filming informative training videos for its new virtual training series, and is hosting webinars within the space.

For more information about Flow Tech’s Demonstration Lab, or to schedule a tour or training, visit, https://flowtechinc.com/demonstration-lab/.

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