Fitzemeyer & Tocci Underway on FSU’s Christa McAuliffe Center

Christa McAuliffe Center

Framingham, MA – Fitzemeyer & Tocci (F&T) announced it is working as the MEP/FP engineers for a major redesign project at the Christa McAuliffe Center on the Framingham State University (FSU) campus in Framingham. The modernization also includes the Challenger Learning Center and the Framingham State University planetarium.

The Massachusetts State College Building Authority (MSCBA) brought the design and construction teams together very early in the process, allowing for collaboration on supply chain issues. The project’s final design as advertised to bidders incorporates equipment and materials that have been vetted to give the best chance of keeping a very tight construction schedule.

The MSCBA, Commodore Buildings, GRLA Architects, STV, and F&T have completed project design and are moving forward into construction for the project, scheduled to be completed this summer. The modernized McAuliffe Center will be designed to function as an innovative and unique learning environment able to carry on Christa McAuliffe’s mission. Starting this fall, early education and lifelong learning visitors will be able to explore a space designed to inspire through hands-on, immersive, and self-guided exhibits.

For the past 25 years, the McAuliffe Center has maintained its commitment to innovation and a dedication to serving the community, and continues its goal of remaining at the forefront of its field and continuing to make a difference in the world.