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Envenio Launches BIM & CFD Survey

New Brunswick, Canada – Engineering software developer Envenio has launched an online BIM (Building Information Modeling) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Survey.

The 5-6 minute survey has been designed to collect baseline data directly from industry, and aims to find out more about BIM and the role for CFD in building design and HVAC system optimization.

Advances in both BIM and CFD technology have enabled complicated building models to be digitally constructed with precise geometry and accurate information to support the project construction, fabrication, analysis and procurement activities. The survey will ask questions about existing BIM and CFD use, identifying current attitudes and perceptions, training and usability issues, and costs.

Results from the survey will be shared in September. The survey can be accessed by clicking here. Respondents will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win $500 worth of compute time on Envenio’s cloud hosted, on-demand CFD platform EXN/Aero.