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Entire Building Sent to Typhoon Victims


Jumbo jet loading building headed for Saipan

Bangor, Maine – SnapSpace Solutions Inc. (SSI), a Brewer-based American manufacturer of fully customizable structures using recycled steel shipping containers, loaded an entire building onto a jumbo jet headed for the Pacific island of Saipan at the Bangor International Airport on January 19. The building was a portable, sanitary, disaster relief structure, commissioned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to aid the victims of the deadly typhoon in Saipan and jumpstart the island’s rebuilding process.

“These restroom units were specially constructed for the school system in Saipan. Children will finally be able to return to school in this devastated country,” said Chad Walton, CEO of SnapSpace Solutions, Inc. “I’m also excited because this is a milestone in our company’s history. SnapSpace Solutions and our team were able to land our first FEMA contract after several years of hard work, and this building is the culmination of our efforts.”

This Brewer-based company has grown by over 550% in recent years. During the past year, SSI won a prestigious award for innovation and landed the FEMA contract.

The SnapSpace Solutions story is an example of American innovation and creative entrepreneurship. Located in Brewer, Maine, the company builds unique, fully customizable spaces for home and work using recycled shipping containers that are modern, cost-effective, and disaster-proof.

In recent years, the company has transitioned from being a local family-owned business to becoming a leading contractor in affordable homes and commercial structures.

SSI has already outgrown its current location due to increased demand and plans to double the size of its manufacturing plant. The organization also plans to recruit and train approximately 25 new, full-time employees along with 50 new part-time employees and subcontractors.

In addition, SSI currently has manufacturing affiliates and capacity in Connecticut and South Carolina. A new factory planned for Florida will allow SSI to serve the entire East Coast.