Educating the Girls from the Boys & Girls Club

| May 3, 2019

by Michael Feldman

At Feldman, we’re committed to giving back to the community. For example, in the summer of 2017, we invited four youngsters from Orchard Gardens Boys & Girls Club of Boston to our offices for a tour of the facility and some insights into what land surveying is all about.

During the holiday week this past spring, we extended the invitation again. This time, we were delighted to welcome a group of eight girls – all sixth to eighth graders – to our offices on Wednesday, April 17th.

Exploring Our Technology 

During the visit, we showed the girls how to set up the total station, 3D Laser Scanner and hand scanner. They had the opportunity to look through the scope and see the laser in action. We also showed them how we use our drones by holding the controller.

They were very inquisitive and asked a lot of intelligent questions about the technology. At the same time, they were also able to answer a lot of the technological questions we put to them, which goes to show how talented they are!

Viewing Our Work

After showing the girls some of the technology we use, we showed them photographs of our work. They saw photos of the renovation of our own building, which they found very interesting. In addition, they said that they were familiar with the Kenmore Square neighborhood after we showed them a 3D model we built of the famous Citgo sign.

One of the youngsters even recognized one of our projects we just delivered in Roxbury. It was particularly nice to see that they could relate our work to their own community and lives.

The Roundtable Discussion

Next, we held a roundtable discussion about what the girls were planning for their futures. We were very pleased to learn that some of them wanted to become engineers after visiting our office! They asked what type of education they would need to consider to specialize in our field and what types of degrees – bachelor’s or master’s – they would need to become project managers.

We believe we were able to broaden their horizon as to the different career options that are available to them and to show them that they can perform highly skilled and important work right across the street from where they live in Roxbury.

Sharing Our Pride in Our Work

It wasn’t just the girls that enjoyed the visit – our entire team here at Feldman did, too.

When you can explain what you do to these youngsters and get to see your work through their eyes, it’s very cool. There’s a lot of pride in that.

Michael A. Feldman is the president and CEO of Feldman.

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