CTC Monitors Medical Marijuana Facility

Cromwell, CT – Connecticut Temperature Controls (CTC) continues to control and monitor the heating, cooling, and humidity on a medical marijuana production facility, which includes sensitive grow rooms. It was awarded the building management portion of the facility in 2014.

The heating, cooling, and humidity is monitored through the DDC control of the rooftop units. Using air flow measuring stations allows for monitoring air flow in the outside air, supply air, and the exhaust air. CTC monitors the CO2 levels and controls the lighting growth modes within the grow rooms. Temperature, CO2, and light levels are critical in the production of marijuana and these factors can have a positive effect on the production of plant which results in increased yields.

CTC solved a challenging design sequence which favored the cooling loads with the grow lights on, but still needed to control the heating loads with the lights off. CTC created custom software programming to achieve the optimal environmental conditions for the product.