Technology & Innovation

Construction and Engineering Firm Launches a SaaS and Digital Strategy Subsidiary

Boston -CDM Smith announced the launch of Trinnex, a wholly-owned subsidiary created specifically to help utilities and infrastructure owners embark on their digital journeys.

By developing innovative and powerful technology tools and products, Trinnex is focused on helping its clients achieve digital-first resiliency. Trinnex launches with software-as-a-service solutions that tackle some of big challenges and opportunities in infrastructure, from sewer overflows to lead pipes, from weathering storm events to fighting COVID-19.

pipeCAST gives insight into the performance of collection systems. leadCAST  leads service line removal programs to move forward with speed. precipiCAST helps utilities better understand and plan for major rainfall events. And epiCAST is designed to help track emerging outbreaks and public health threats through wastewater surveillance. All these tools are built on the CAST platform, developed by the team that built some of the earliest digital twins for the infrastructure industry.

Trinnex will also serve as a digital strategy consultant to clients trying to gain their footing in the quest for digital-first resiliency, helping them capture the benefits by gaining insights from their vast amounts of data. It will assist clients with data management and strategy, intelligent system design and management, decision analytics and optimization, digital twin development and more. The system will continue to develop new software tools, including custom tools for clients that need a tailored solution.