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CM Platform Integrates Blueprint Shipping App

New York – Procore Technologies, a construction management platform, announced a new integration with Plans4Less, a blueprint platform for ordering and shipping plans nationwide. The new integration provides the Procore user with the ability to use Plans4Less, via the new Plans4Less App, to order and ship hard copy blueprints through an embedded experience within their Procore account.

“This is a very meaningful announcement for Plans4Less,” said Brian Burke, CEO and founder of Plans4Less. “There are over 250 apps listed in the Procore App Marketplace and our newly launched Plans4Less App is the only hard copy Blueprint App available to every one of Procore’s 10,000+ customers. That is a powerful statement for us.”

Burke continued, “Our integration allows access to Plans4Less using your Procore login credentials with a single sign-in. Procore connects all stakeholders across the entire construction lifecycle. This helps everyone work more efficiently, communicate better, and build faster by creating a single dependable information source.

“With this new relationship with Procore we are providing Plans4Less users with a smoother, more seamless, time-saving process. Simply put, that is more speed and more ease when ordering and shipping plans.”

Procore users can find the Plans4Less App by searching under “Plans” or “Blueprints” in the Procore App Marketplace. “To take advantage of the new full API integration with Procore, the only requirements are an active Procore account with admin rights and downloading the Plans4Less App from the Procore App Marketplace,” said Burke.

“Data security and general risk mitigation are paramount in a customer relationship in this digital world,” said Burke. “Now having the user experience within a fully embedded Procore API, the Procore security ecosystem, is a game-changer for Plans4Less and our users. The data is secure, safe and reliable.”