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Civil Engineering Salaries Continue to Rise

Reston, VA – Civil engineering salaries continue to increase according to the 2021 ASCE Civil Engineering Salary Report recently released by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

The report shows mostly positive numbers for the profession despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The median pre-tax annual salary , from all sources, in 2020 among survey respondents was $119,000. That’s a $10,000 two-year increase from the salary report data taken from 2018.

The report, prepared by Industry Insights, Inc. is based on survey information from ASCE members with this year’s edition drawing from 3,156 responses. The typical respondent was a male in his early 40s with a bachelor’s or advanced degree and about 19 years of professional experience.

The report shows that base salaries for civil engineers have risen 4-6% per year from 2018 to 2021. It also indicates a profession with growth potential. The typical median entry-level salary in the report is $66,000, while those more experienced civil engineers who have a professional engineer’s license earned a median primary income of $123,000.

The report also revealed  the continued gap in salaries for women and ethnic minorities. Median primary income for male respondents was $120,000 compared with $94,000 for females. Respondents identifying as white, meanwhile, earned a median income of $116,000, compared with $101,000 median for Hispanic civil engineers, $97,000 for Asian civil engineers, and $94,000 for African American civil engineers.