Cannon Founds Architectural Photography Company

John Cannon

Lancaster, MA – John Cannon recently founded Photography by John Cannon, an architectural photography company based in Lancaster.

A facilities management professional with over 25 years of experience, Cannon left his post as director of facilities operations at The College of the Holy Cross to pursue his passion for photography full time.

Cannon says being involved with the design and building of various projects on the campus sharpened his eye and vision for architectural photography, and that his photography aims to tell the story of design, the building process, and how users will experience a space.

Cannon adds that he listens and hears the story of each space, and wants his photography to answer the questions of: What was the client’s vision? What was the architect’s design intent? What were the challenges that the construction team faced and what creative solutions were needed along the way? He says each building has its own story, and his focus is to help share those stories through his photography.

He says, “It was time to shift my professional focus to do the work that truly brings me joy. Photography allows me to tell the story that needs and wants to be told correctly.”

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