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Callahan Hosts Women in Trades Summit

Bridgewater, MA – According to government statistics, only 9.1% of all construction industry employees are women. Callahan Construction Managers acknowledged this workforce discrepancy and hosted its first Women in Trades Summit in 2017.

This year, Callahan will once again collaborate with Quincy High School’s Career Vocational & Technical Education (CVTE) programs (automotive technology, carpentry technology, electrical technology, metal fabrication and joining technologies, and plumbing technology) to host the event and provide local students with the chance to learn more about life in the trade industry.


The half-day, biannual summit allows female students to network with trade unions and community groups in the hopes of developing relationships, mentorships, and future employment opportunities.

Teachers and guidance counselors also attend so that they may support the endeavors of their students. Perhaps most importantly, the summit affords students the chance to hear firsthand about the various experiences of women across a number of trade industries. The event is broken into three segments, with panels offering invaluable career and life advice.


Over 200 female students attended the first event, and Callahan hopes for even greater attendance this year. “We were thrilled with the response of the last event, and hope to interact with even more students this year,” said Patrick Callahan, president of Callahan Construction Managers. “We are constantly seeking opportunities to interact with and develop the future of our industry.”

Quincy’s CVTE program offers a unique opportunity for students in the city. In many school districts, students must decide to pursue a vocational education prior to high school, but Quincy is unique. The city allows students to experience vocational education alongside academic course of studies, allowing them to decide on their career path. One of the goals of Quincy’s CVTE program is to provide students with invaluable, specific workforce skills, which include entrepreneurship and management, as well as technological knowledge and skills. Through collaboration with various industry partners, Quincy believes that the educational resources provided will open doors to careers, colleges, and the future.

This year’s summit participation includes Callahan Construction, Ironworkers Local 7, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Office for Career Vocational Technical Education, IBEW Local 103, New England Carpenters.