BVH Announces Leadership Promotions

(l -r): Jeff Cichonski, Tom Iskra, Ilona Prosol, Mark Allyn, Karl Frey, Rich Loveland, Maria Loitz, Tom St. Denis, Alan Vanags, and Scott Waitkus

Bloomfield, CT – BVH Integrated Services, P.C. announced several promotions as part of its strategic business planning and growth initiatives.

Mark Allyn, P.E.; Jeffrey Cichonski, P.E.; and Alan Vanags, P.E.; have each been promoted from vice president to senior vice president. They will continue to take an active role in overseeing projects and developing client relations. In their new roles, they will also be involved in building the firm’s long-term vision and strategic growth objectives.

Thomas Iskra, P.E., has been promoted to vice president of operations, continuing to manage the firm’s Newton, Mass. operations. Richard Loveland, P.E.; Ilona Prosol, P.E.; and Scott Waitkus, P.E.; have been promoted to vice president and Maria Loitz, FSMPS, CPSM, has been promoted to chief marketing officer.

Together, this new level of leadership will take an active role in the overall management of the firm including employee development, new market opportunities, and client relations.

“Building a leadership team comprised of employees with a long history at BVH has always been a major tenet of the firm,” said Karl F. Frey, CEO. “We look forward to continuing to work with the newly promoted leadership team to grow the company and deliver successful projects to our clients.”