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BU Gets Approval for CILSE

Boston – Boston University has received approval to take the next step in expanding its Charles River Campus at an estimated cost of $140 million. What is currently a surface parking lot at 610 Commonwealth Avenue will be transformed into the cutting-edge Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering (CILSE).

Designed by Payette, CILSE will include a new “pocket park” that will serve as a link to the adjacent Morse Auditorium and as an area for students, faculty, and visitors to gather.

The nine-story complex will primarily house research facilities for systems neuroscience, synthetic biology, and cognitive neuroimaging. Some 160 researchers, postdoctoral students, and staff along with 270 graduate students are expected to work out of the facility once it is completed.

The project is part of BU’s 2013-2023 Institutional Master Plan.