BTEA Northeast Announces new Leadership Appointment

Thomas S. Gunning

Boston – The Building Trades Employers’ Association (BTEA) Northeast announced the appointment of Thomas S. Gunning as the organization’s new executive director.

Gunning previously served as director of labor relations. In his new role, he is taking on forward thinking policies including diversity and inclusion, as well as spearheading mental health and substance recovery initiatives in the construction industry through the BTEA Northeast’s National Recovery Week, to be held this spring.

“As one of the largest union construction contractor associations in the Northeast, we’re proud of the Gunning tradition that has evolved from this work,” noted Gunning’s father, Thomas J. Gunning, who will now serve as executive director emeritus following his service of almost 30 years from 1992 until December 2021. “Tom brings a new, innovative direction to the table that addresses a changing industry and the needs of a new generation of construction professionals. “