Bridgewater Cannabis Facility Completed

Theory Wellness' new cannabis cultivation facility

Bridgewater, MA  – Dacon Corporation has completed construction of a 23,500sf facility for Theory Wellness, an East Coast cannabis brand with operations in Maine and Massachusetts.

From seed to sale, Theory cultivates small-batch, craft cannabis for recreational and medical customers in Massachusetts that is produced in its Bridgewater facility. It offers approximately 60 in-house products spanning flowers, edibles, concentrates, extracts, tinctures and topicals to supply its retail stores in Great Barrington, Chicopee and Bridgewater.

The new facility was created in response to evolving business needs in the form of product innovation and development. The most recent innovation, Hi5, is a cannabis-infused seltzer that offers a controllable new way to consume cannabis. These innovations are supported by a futuristic facility designed by Dacon. “Versus other facilities I’ve been through, Dacon’s work balances masterful technology with functional usage of the space that’s aimed at generating best-in-class results,” says Thomas Winstanley, VP of marketing for Theory.

The facility encompasses all of the growing needs of a modern cannabis brand. It was developed with a range of cultivation rooms that accommodate both flowering and vegetative plants. All are uniquely designed to ensure consistent environmental light cycles, humidity controls, modern indoor agricultural watering and nutrient delivery systems.

Within the same facility lies a modern extraction laboratory for concentrates, a production area for edibles that includes a premium chocolate line, and a custom space for the automated canning line to produce Hi5. Says Winstanley, “The level of sophistication necessary requires a symphony of technology. We took the opportunity to create a new facility that combined a breadth of learnings around manufacturing and cultivation, consumer product demand and emerging technology.”

Kevin Quinn, Dacon’s CEO, shares, “With their high-performance culture, Theory is committed to the science of cannabis to offer its clients optimal expertise, attention and product intelligence. Their dedication to premium standards, environmentalism and social equity is a unique reflection of both business values and attributes of success.”