AET Labs Equips New Northeastern Research Center

Northeastern University EXP

Boston  – Hundreds of tools and equipment were sourced, delivered, and installed by AET Labs, a New England-based STEM lab solutions provider, at Northeastern’s new research center, called EXP. EXP is a state-of-the art center that enables Northeastern University students and researchers to network, connect, and collaborate. The center includes teaching and research labs and a comprehensive makerspace with many specialized labs, including additive manufacturing, laser cutting, metal shop, wood shop, spray room, photo room, and a bio lab. AET Labs centralized the equipment process for EXP.

Northeastern wanted first to ensure that this modern space had equipment that would foster innovation and research. AET Labs collaborated with the university, architecture, and construction teams to recommend technology that met their goals, sourced from leading manufacturing companies, including 3D printers, an oversized waterjet cutter, laser cutters, a CNC mill, and CNC router.

With this complex construction project, the EXP project team was concerned about delivery interruptions at the work site. Equipment could only be delivered and installed over the course of three weeks before the new center opened its doors at the start of the school year. Instead of the EXP project manager coordinating deliveries with multiple vendors over a short period of time with various technicians in the space, AET Labs resolved that as the centralized equipment provider.

The AET Labs team procured equipment for many of the labs and warehoused it off-site, where they organized the equipment with colored tags so they knew which labs they belonged to. When the construction team was ready, AET Labs delivered all of the equipment to the labs within five days.

The AET Labs team continued the work by uncrating, assembling, and commissioning every piece of technology for another week. They are also training lab directors on the operations of some of the new equipment. Through this turnkey service, AET Labs representatives say they did not disturb construction and are finishing ahead of schedule, so that Northeastern University EXP will have all labs ready for use on opening day.