ABC NH/VT Holds Construction Safety Awards

Concord, NH – Associated Builders and Contractors, New Hampshire/Vermont Chapter (ABC) recognized 27 local companies and 34 individuals for their commitment to safety and leadership on and off the jobsite.

Held on Sept. 24, the annual Construction Industry Safety Awards and Graduation Event recognized the safety records of top construction contractors in New Hampshire and Vermont in several categories. The event also served as graduation of 34 individuals from the association’s “Future Leaders in Construction” and Super Intendent programs.

The ABC Future Leaders in Construction (FLiC) program is an eight month curriculum designed to teach conflict resolution skills and practical knowledge for being a leader on a jobsite. Also graduating were 11 people from the project Construction Supervision Certification program.

Contractors participating in the safety program logged a combined record-breaking 3.6 million hours worked in 2019, up from 2.7 million in 2018. He also shared that there were zero fatalities and fewer “recordable cases.” Recordable cases, as defined by OSHA, include medical treatment beyond first aid and injuries leading to restricted work as well as a full spectrum of other work-related situations.

Full List of Graduates:

Future Leaders in Construction

Ryan Cove, Alec Boucher, Anthony Moglia, Claude G. Turcotte, Danielle L’Antigua, Elizabeth A. Morse, Jason Jarvis, Jay Weston, Jeffrey Comeau, John A. Boulé, Joseph L. Morasse, Jr., Katharena I. Racine, Kevin Salemi, Mackenzie Kane, Marc Colcombe, Sabrina Garceau, Shari Durazzano, Stephen Knott, Steven Emerson, Sue Miller, Taylor McEwen, Thomas Cove, Tim Hatch

Construction Supervision Graduates:

Nathan K. Alander, Greg Boelzner, Samuel Brown, Eric Cheyne, Evan J. Cross, Jason Fortier, David Geddes, Nick Jewett, Robin Russell, Matthew Smith, Justin Tice

Safety Award Winners:

Section Category Place Organization
SIC 15 Under 50,000 Personnel Hours 1st TCD Construction
2nd Meridian Construction
3rd TurnStone Corp.
0 Lost Days- 2019 TCD Construction
Meridian Construction
Most Improved TCD Construction
Most Creative TCD Construction
SIC 15 50,000 – 100,000 Personnel Hours 1st ReArch Company
2nd Eckman Construction
3rd Fulcrum Associates
0 Lost Days- 2019 RM Piper
Fulcrum Associates
Eckman Construction
ReArch Company
Most Improved RM Piper
Most Creative ReArch Company
SIC 15 100,000 – 200,000 Personnel Hours 1st Lewis Builders
2nd North & South Construction Services
SIC 15 Over 200,000 Personnel Hours 1st PROCON
Most Creative PROCON
SIC 16 50,000 – 100,000 Personnel Hours 1st St Pierre Inc.
2nd Andrews Construction
0 Lost Days- 2019 St Pierre Inc.
Andrews Construction
SIC 16 1,000,000 + Personnel Hours 1st Cianbro
0 Lost Days- 2019 Cianbro
SIC 17 Under 50,000 Personnel Hours 1st All Bright Systems
2nd Harry-O Electrical
3rd FA Gray
0 Lost Days- 2019 All Bright Systems
Harry-O Electrical
FA Gray
Most Creative FA Gray
SIC 17 50,000 – 100,000 Personnel Hours 1st Construx, Inc.
2nd Damon Insulation
3rd Rose Steel
0 Lost Days – 2019 Construx, Inc.
Most Improved Construx, Inc.
SIC 17 300,000+ Personnel Hours 1st Granite State Plumbing
2nd EnviroVantage
3rd Decco, Inc.
0 Lost Days – 2019 Granite State Plumbing
Most Improved Granite State Plumbing
Supplier Supplier 1st Novel Iron Works
2nd LaValley Middleton Building Supply