66 Union Street Gets Solar Energy


Solar PV system installed by Select Development and Solect Energy

Somerville, MA – Select Development Corporation has partnered with Solect Energy of Hopkinton to install a 28 kW solar energy system on the roof of its Union Square location. The solar array is expected to cover up to 100% of the building’s annual electricity use in public and common areas.

In addition to the solar installation, Select Development has taken other measures to reduce its carbon footprint, including the installation of water-efficient plumbing fixtures, waterless urinals, and sustainable landscaping materials and methods. The company is currently evaluating solar opportunities for two existing properties and plans on incorporating solar energy sources in all new projects.

As a company focused on renovating historical buildings for the modern age, Select Development Corporation was looking for ways to improve the sustainability of its properties, in order to help reduce its carbon footprint. The company decided on doing so with a solar energy installation.

“Solar is an excellent way of supporting the environment and reducing a property’s operating costs, especially in urban settings where wind or geothermal energy sources are not always practical,” said Don Warner, president and founder of Select Development. “With solar energy, all you really need is a large unencumbered roof with direct sun exposure, not obstructed by taller buildings or trees.”


Select Development is projected to save $5,000 annually on its electricity bill, and is able to take advantage of state and federal tax and financial incentives, including SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates), which are financial incentives based on the amount of solar energy the system generates. Electrical utility providers in Massachusetts purchase SRECs to help them meet their state-mandated goals of a percentage of power coming from renewable energy sources.

“By choosing solar, Select Development is not only promoting a culture of sustainability, they are investing in an energy source that will reduce operating costs for the next 25 years.” said Frank R. Goppel, Business Development Manager at Solect. “It was exciting to help the company build its first solar array, and I look forward to seeing their future efforts towards sustainability.”