ZBD Joins BVH Integrated Svc.

(l-r) Jon Haehnel of Zero By Degrees and Lindsay Huff of BVH Integrated Services

Bloomfield, CT – BVH Integrated Services recently announced that Zero By Degrees (ZBD), a specialist in building envelope consulting, has joined the firm.

BVH’s commissioning department, led by Lindsay Huff, has worked with Jon Haehnel and the ZBD team for over five years. In that time together, they have provided solutions for numerous building envelope commissioning projects.

BVH’s in-house building envelope services now include:
• Building envelope commissioning.
• Building envelope diagnostics.
• Building envelope plan and specification reviews.
• Building envelope consulting.
• Large-scale blower door testing.
• Pressure balanced blower door testing.

• Infrared imaging.
• Pressurized fog testing.
• Window airtightness testing.
• Window water penetration testing.
• Membrane adhesion testing.
• Mock-up testing and inspections.

BVH Integrated Services, founded in Vermont by Jon Haehnel in 2009, is a 120-person multidisciplined consulting engineering firm that provides building and site engineering services.

“We are very excited to announce that Zero By Degrees has joined BVH. Having ZBD’s building envelope expertise as part of our integrated services now gives our clients single source access from pre-design through post-occupancy,” said Karl Frey, CEO.

“Our expanded cross-disciplinary expertise will further
support our vision of providing a seamless integration of services to our clients.”