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Women at Windover: Strength in Numbers

(l-r) Melissa Narva, Dawn Mooney, Meg Kearney, Lisa Sletten, Jennifer Robitaille, and Sylva Benanchietti / photo by Windover Construction

by Hannah Ginley

At Windover Construction we have a mantra: “We ‘are our people’ includes all our people.”

As an organization, we firmly believe in creating and fostering opportunities for all members of our team, so creating a space where women within the industry can learn, grow, and succeed is of the utmost importance.

When it comes to leadership within the construction industry, the statistic of women in those positions gets even smaller. Thus, we’re proud to celebrate the women in our project management group, as many have spent over a decade of their lives focused on honing their skills and perfecting their craft in the construction industry.

Below are six of our many celebrated women leaders within our project management group that we are proud to call teammates and co-owners.

 Sylva Benanchietti, assistant project manager

A results-oriented professional with 25 years of experience, Benanchietti’s drive and sense of urgency are tempered by her accuracy and quality of the details of any work for which she is responsible.

“I take immense pride in the work I have accomplished at Windover. I believe if you enjoy and take pride in what you do, this will show positively in your output. The variety of my role contributes to a great sense of accomplishment.”

 Meg Kearney, project manager

Approaching every project with a well-rounded background and expertise of 15 years on the job, Kearney works to create trusting partnerships with each project stakeholder and project team.

“I’m very proud of my career, which started with the Rogers Williams University construction management program and has grown from my professional experiences in project management. I have earned a seat on RWU’s Advisory Board that gives me the opportunity to give back and advocate for students so they have the tools to become as successful as I have.”

 Dawn Mooney, assistant project manager

Focused on creating a lasting and memorable experience for all clients and team members, Mooney has over 16 years in the industry across all sectors.

“I am thankful for the positive relationships I have been building within the industry and am humbled by Windover’s support as I continue learning from my mentors and building confidence in my abilities.”

 Melissa Narva, project manager

With 15 years in the industry creating trusting relationships, Narva understands how to achieve her clients’ expectations within budget while working on fast-paced time lines.

“The best part of what I do is seeing a project come together from start to finish — all the hard work I put in has a tangible result. It is very rewarding to drive around Boston and the North Shore and point out projects I’ve worked on. It reminds me of all the great relationships I’ve built with clients, architects, and subcontractors.”

 Jennifer Robitaille, senior project manager

A proactive and dynamic team player, Robitaille uses her 18 years of experience to balance the project schedule within budget and deliver a result that exceeds all expectations.

“With projects that span months, you become somewhat of a family, so making and maintaining relationships with internal and external teams far beyond the completion of the project is very fulfilling.”

Lisa Sletten, project manager

With over 11 years of experience, Sletten is a critical thinker, always taking a team approach to construction efforts while maintaining positive relationships with both clients and peers.

“I greatly value the lessons and information I have learned and continue to learn from my colleagues on the job, as these opportunities and experiences have set the foundation of my career.”

Hannah Ginley

Hannah Ginley is chief people officer at Windover Construction Company, Beverly, Mass.