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Windover Construction Launches IDEA

Windover utilizes additive manufacturing technologies for historic preservation.

Beverly, MA – Windover Construction recently launched Innovations for Design, Engineering, and Automation (IDEA), a consulting platform optimizing the use of BIM, drones, robotics, and other rapidly evolving technologies. IDEA provides tech-first, real-time solutions to every project challenge, streamlining decision making and transforming the construction, design, and engineering process.

Recently, Windover partnered with Autodesk, Howick, and StrucSoft to develop an adaptive industrial construction technique that can fabricate telescopic studs from a digital model and be easily transported and adapted to any space. Whether it is a 100-year-old building with various ceiling heights (as was the building Windover renovated in the first use of this telescopic stud technology), a life science lab needing to transform to meet the needs of the industry, or an office building needing to enclose an open-floor layout, this fusion of technology will be ideal for renovating existing spaces.

Similarly, Windover is pioneering advancements in additive manufacturing that are transforming the way the industry approaches historical restoration projects. For clients wanting to restore centuries-old elements of historical buildings, Windover and IDEA have utilized additive manufacturing to combine technologies like laser scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting, automation, and robotics to provide highly accurate, durable replicas that will withstand the next century. In an industry with a shortage of skilled labor, additive manufacturing can fill the gap while still exacting the same quality with a fraction of the time, cost, and materials required of traditional methods.

For construction clients as well as design and engineering partners nationally, Windover’s IDEA platform combines strategic counsel with access to a broad spectrum of emerging technology capabilities including 4D planning, digital prefabrication, virtual and mixed-reality, laser scanning, automation, drone surveys, optimized MEP-BIM coordination, and additive manufacturing.

“Windover’s dedication to building at the speed of innovation is what truly sets us apart from other firms,” said Stuart Meurer, president and CEO of Windover Construction. “Rather than focusing on one solution, we’ve perfected the art of collaboration among existing and emerging technologies. IDEA redefines the possibilities to advance the architectural, engineering and construction industry while providing our clients and partners with the opportunity to mitigate risk, increase efficiencies and bring their forward-thinking visions to life.”

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Windover utilizes innovative technologies to support the planning and construction processes in historic preservation and projects across academic, residential, life science, healthcare, and mixed-use sectors. Amr Raafat, Windover’s vice president of VDC and technology, leads IDEA at Windover. He was named Autodesk’s 2019 AEC Innovator of the Year, an international award recognizing an individual leading, changing, and transforming the design and construction process in a positive way.