HP Celebrates WIC Week!

High-Profile is bringing awareness to NAWIC’s WIC week, March 4 to March 10.  We encourage businesses across the A/E/C industry to take part in and/or celebrate WIC Week.

Our March issue has a special section devoted to NAWIC’s WIC Week, featuring an interview with Catherine Schoenenberger, President of NAWIC and more information about NAWIC, as an organization!
If you’d like to take part in HP’s special NAWIC section, options are below.
NOTE:  All WIC submissions will be shared on our website and our social media platforms starting Feb 26.  If you would like your submission published in the hard copy, contact sales@high-profile.com for special rates.
Option 1:  Send us a press release 
Tell us what your firm is doing or will be doing to promote the advancement and education of women in your firm?
Send us a 285 word (or less) press release on what your firm is doing (or will be doing) to celebrate and spread awareness of WIC week.  If your company culture promotes diversity amongst employees, tell us how and why it is important to you.  For example, do you have Lunch-n-learns, apprenticeship/mentor programs, or educational workshops?  We’re accepting press releases through the month of March.
Option2:  Submit a WIC Profile – Individual
Highlight an exemplary female employee at your firm!
Who is the exemplary female employee at your firm?
Send us an “on-the-job” photo of the female employee you’d like to celebrate.  Tell us her/their story in under 285 words (or less).  
We want submissions of all kinds, from tradeswomen to the C-suite level executives:  managerial, professional, administrative, or production employees (laborers, electricians, plumbers, etc.)
Be sure to tell us where she was before the A/E/C industry, how she entered the industry, and where she is now.  Think outside the box at what makes your employee stand out!
Questions to consider:  Is she a mentor?  An apprentice?   A leader?  An innovator?  An enthusiast?  When she’s not kicking butt at your firm, is she a mom, a wife, a grandmother, a traveler, a gardener, a musician, an athlete?  
We’re accepting WIC individual profiles through the month of March.  One WIC submission per firm, please.
Option 3:  Submit a WIC Profile – Team
Highlight an all-female team or group within your firm or organization.
Send us a group shot of the women and in 285 words or less, explain how/why the team was formed and what awesome work they’re doing at your firm!
We’re accepting WIC Team profiles through the month of March.  One WIC submission per firm, please.
Please include your company’s twitter handle (if applicable)
Send the press release or WIC profile to bonnie@high-profile.com.
Subject:  WIC submission
Not sure how to celebrate WIC week in your office?  Here is a link to a variety of ways.


Here’s to encouraging the advancement of women within the construction industry!

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