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WIC Profile: Stasha Greenalch

Stasha Greenalch

Submitted by BW Kennedy & Co.

Stasha Greenalch, assistant project manager at BW Kennedy & Co., joined the firm in 2018 after graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) with a bachelor’s degree in management engineering, with a focus in operations and entrepreneurship. At WPI, she participated in four years of competitive athletics as a member of the women’s varsity basketball team. Upon joining the company, Stasha was assigned to our project team responsible for building a new 200,000sf life sciences building and nine-story, 1,000-car parking garage at the busy Hayden Research Campus in Lexington. She quickly became an integral member of the project team as they began construction of the parking garage first, and then the building, currently in construction.  


“I’ve appreciated having the opportunity to be a member of the company’s largest new construction project to date and have learned much during the past two years on the project.  I particularly have enjoyed working on-site with the highly knowledgeable BW Kennedy team. Being able to work with people who have allowed me to take on responsibilities, have a voice in decisions, and continue to help me grow as a project manager as well as a person makes my job very gratifying.”