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WIC Profile: Laureen Poulakis

Laureen Poulakis, President, Brennan Consulting

Laureen Poulakis

With over 20 years of experience as an executive vice president, Laureen Poulakis acquired the necessary knowledge and business tools to develop her engineering and surveying firm into an emerging woman-owned leader in the region. Since her relocation to Massachusetts in 2001, starting her own firm was always the main goal.

“Ensuring client satisfaction is certainly one key to success. I am always looking at ways to improve procedures, deliver high quality products, and exceed industry standards. Even before Brennan’s WBE certification, I’ve been intimately involved in all aspects of the business including the management of projects, review and approval of proposals, financial management, and daily operations. Our employees are the backbone of Brennan Consulting and building the right team that is focused on delivering high quality services is fundamental. The people we work with each day make this company successful,” she said.

It’s been a surprisingly strong period of growth for Brennan Consulting, one of Boston’s youngest WBE firms. The past few years saw advancements in both market sector and client base to include many of the region’s top performers.    What has been most notable is the expansion of an already robust portfolio which now includes innovations in adaptive reuse and new construction methods on several private developments, elementary and high schools, universities, municipal and state roadways, state forests, parks, and the harbor islands.

From surveying and civil design, through permitting and construction, Brennan Consulting’s qualified team successfully pivoted during the pandemic and continues to assure successful project delivery. “Bold innovation and state-of-the-art technology have allowed us to expand our portfolio to include some of the largest projects in the Commonwealth,” Laureen said.

“Women should consider a career in construction. It’s exciting,” she added. “There are always emerging technologies and new innovations to build things better, stronger, greener. I believe in progress and progress promotes ingenuity. Also, find what empowers you. Our father, Paul Emilius, a very successful businessman and land surveyor, would sit us down as young as 7 years old and play motivational tapes by Earl Nightingale. Dad would stop the tape and rewind, excited for the moments to teach us. Quotes that stuck with me include ‘Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become reality’ and ‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.’”

Laureen and her family enjoy the unlimited outdoor activities in New England and spend their free time skiing, mountain biking and hiking.