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WIC Profile: Jessica Anthony

Jessica Anthony

As project executive at Callahan Construction Management, Jessica Anthony is constantly adapting. “I love this career because I’m learning and improving each and every day,” says Anthony.

She worked her way up in the industry, beginning as an assistant project manager, improving her trade and building upon her previous experiences.

“I love working at Callahan because we all come from different professional backgrounds. That said, we can all collaborate, offer different experience, and achieve an outstanding result on our projects by providing unique perspectives.”

As Callahan grew, Anthony worked her way up, and appreciated the number of women the company was hiring. “It’s a testament to Callahan as an organization. They want to hire good people — male, female, it doesn’t matter. They expect us all to contribute and move the company forward.”

Throughout her time in the construction industry, she has found that when she respects her colleagues, they in turn respect her.

Anthony graduated with a civil engineering technology degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology after initially planning to become an architect. Her change of heart came with the realization that she wanted to be part of the day-to-day construction operations and work with a team towards execution of a common goal.

“I love that I can drive through the Boston area and see 50 projects and locations that I’ve worked on in my career. I am proud of the impact I have been able to have on the Boston community, and this pride drives me in managing our future projects.”