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WIC Profile: Hannah Giovannucci

Hannah Giovannucci, Civil Engineer/Project Manager, TFMoran

Hannah Giovannucci

Hannah Giovannucci, PE is a civil engineer and project manager at TFMoran. She kickstarted her career in Boston after attending UMass Amherst. Now in Seacoast N.H., she says her passion is “flipping” her client’s properties to “increase land value and aesthetic for communities where we work and play.”

Perceptive to detail and having a large scale understanding of land development, Hannah strives to thoroughly and strategically design and permit projects as quickly as possible. This way her boots get dirty in the field to ensure quality construction. She guides coordination between the project team and stakeholders from conception through construction.

She enjoys the diversity of projects: commercial, industrial, and residential. What she loves about land development is that there is always a barrier to overcome: site constraints or persuading communities to approve controversial construction projects. 

Originally, Hannah struggled in the industry, being a visual learner and a “big picture thinker” in an environment catering to others. Despite setbacks, everything clicked after three years. She says, “If things do not come naturally at first, stick with it. It is okay to ask the same questions. It takes about seven times doing a single task before you are ‘good’ at it. Repetition is the secret to success!”

Challenges are fuel to her fire. Hannah scuba dove with bull sharks at the Big Scare. While sharks are intimidating, she says, she also manages her claustrophobia while 100 feet underwater. No matter the obstacles, Hannah puts the same personal drive and determination into getting clients’ projects permitted and built.