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WIC Profile: Haley Sabino

Submitted by Erland Construction

Haley Sabino

Haley Sabino joined Erland as a field supervisor in 2018 but her passion for construction began long before that. She fell in love with building in middle school when she started assisting her family’s construction business. Haley would help on miscellaneous residential and commercial projects with her dad and grandfather, whether brickwork, tiling, framing, or demolition.

Her roots inspired her to attend Wentworth Institute of Technology where she received a bachelor’s degree in construction management.

Growing up in the industry has taught Haley many invaluable lessons; the most important being that starting from the bottom makes you a better leader. And a leader she is! Haley is currently working on an out-of-the-ground, 371K sf multifamily project in Malden. On any given day, she oversees around 230 construction workers.

With the help of her team, Haley is becoming an assertive communicator, learning how to use her voice, and reinforcing accountability with subcontractors. She is also overseeing the project’s safety program, documenting and reporting all incidents to the OCIP administrator. As part of this role, Haley has become the main point of contact for Liberty Mutual who performs Erland’s safety consult, walking the jobsite with the inspector bi-weekly and taking care of any related items that arise.

By participating in every element of building, Haley has learned to appreciate and understand the work being done. Every day onsite, she continues to learn and grow as a member of the construction industry and the Erland team.