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WIC Profile: Cori DiDonato

Cori DiDonato, CEO, Silver Tiger Consulting

Cori DiDonato

Cori DiDonato is the founder and CEO of Silver Tiger Consulting in Wakefield, Mass. Silver Tiger Consulting provides PR and marketing services, HR outsourcing, and business operations consulting to firms in the construction industry.

Cori is on the board of the Northeast Builders & Remodelers Association of Massachusetts (NEBA) and was recently named chair of the organization’s marketing committee. At the end of March, she will be teaching the BBRS approved CSL continuing education class, “Reputation Management for Construction Entities,” at the organization’s headquarters in Tewsbury, Mass.

Prior to founding Silver Tiger Consulting, Cori held various leadership positions in the construction, high-tech, and finance world, including VP, infrastructure and engineering/CIO at Medem, Inc.; VP, strategic product sales for Washington Mutual; various leadership positions at PeopleSoft and Oracle; and interim and fractional COO positions at construction and real estate development firms. She is a member of the Associated General Contractors of America, the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts, the National Association of Home Builders, and the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Massachusetts.

Cori received her B.S. in corporate communications from Ithaca College in New York and enjoys spending free time traveling with her husband and daughter.