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WIC Profile: Ashley Williams and Michele Marchand

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams

Engineering department manager at Lockheed

Ashley Williams manages the production and revision of shop drawings for various fenestration and panel products and has a hand in every project that Lockheed fabricates and installs.

She coordinates revisions to drawings based on feedback from general contractors, architects, engineers, vendors, project managers, and foremen, as well as reacting on the fly to coordinate updates necessary due to measured field sizes and existing conditions.

She leads her department to produce top-quality fabrication prints in addition to material orders and documents needed for frame fabrication on all projects.

Williams started her career at Lockheed as a CAD technician in 2010, bringing with her experience as the lead CAD technician at a leading building materials company, and quickly proved her skill and passion for producing great work.

She is detail-oriented, concise, thorough, informed, and eager to share her expertise and tips with the seven in-house CAD technicians she now supervises.

She works hard to be a valuable and adaptable mentor, leader, and resource for the Lockheed team as a whole, all while ensuring she upholds the high set of standards she’s helped to cement in Lockheed’s engineering department.

Her goals for the future include streamlining department processes to boost efficiency, further building out her department with talented and passionate professionals, and seeking out new industry technologies to keep Lockheed a step ahead for their valued customers.

Williams is a tireless worker, but when she is not working, you can find her spending time with her husband, kids, and pets, at home and around New England. She enjoys family time, baking, and crafting with her children.

Michele Marchand

Michele Marchand

Project manager at Lockheed

Michele Marchand joined Lockheed as a project manager in 2010 after gaining five years of combined experience at a glazing contractor and leading building materials company.

She initially acted as an assistant to Lockheed’s veteran project managers, processing submittals, inputting purchase orders, logging change orders and submittals, and creating correspondence.

Her responsibilities quickly increased as she gained experience and demonstrated her skill and strong work ethic. She now oversees and manages the design, purchase, and installation of subcontract and general construction work, also managing deliverables and communication throughout entire construction projects.

While she was initially responsible for a yearly maximum of $5 million in work, Marchand now runs over $14 million of business.

Marchand is known throughout Lockheed as being a reliable, organized, thorough, considerate, fair, outspoken, observant, and detail-oriented team member. She’s eager to take on new challenges and committed to producing perfection for customers. She enjoys working on projects from start to finish, seeing occupants’ enjoyment of finished products, making great connections in the office and at the job site, and watching individuals she mentors grow and reach their full potential.

She acknowledges that women in the construction field still fight the stereotype that women don’t know as much about construction as men, but hopes this perception will continue to crumble. She overcomes this challenge by working hard and producing top quality work day in and day out, consistently proving herself as an extremely valuable asset to Lockheed and everyone she works with.

Outside of work, Marchand enjoys relaxing with her family and attending to the bee hives in her backyard. She likes going to festivals and concerts, spending time with friends, and going to the beach in the summer.