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WIC Profile: Miris Fernandes

Submitted by Metro Walls

Miris Fernandes

Metro Walls is happy to welcome Miris Fernandes to its safety team. In just a few months, Miris has fit right in as one of the company’s safety and subcontractor compliance officers.

You can find Miris traveling to job sites throughout New England performing on-site safety and compliance inspections. With more than 17 years of industry experience, she is a perfect fit for this role.

Aside from English, Miris speaks Spanish and Portuguese. Her multilingual skill set makes it easy for her to communicate in today’s job sites.

Miris’s favorite part of her job is educating workers. Staying ahead of industry trends, she is able to pass on safety tips that can be retained and put into regular practice.

Metro Walls has always been a supporter of women in the construction industry. As women continue to face barriers in this industry, it is one of Metro Wall’s top priorities to break some old ways of thinking in 2020.

Metro believes that empowering women with opportunity now, creates positive role models and could ignite passion in young women for trades in the future.