Waterfront Historic Area League Receives Grant

New Bedford, MA – Waterfront Historic Area LeaguE (WHALE) received a $1.05 million grant from the City of New Bedford’s Housing Expansion Initiative, announced April 1.

Five affordable housing development projects were awarded a total of $11.2 million from federal funds received by the city under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the HOME Investment Partnerships Program administered by the city’s Office of Housing and Community Development.

WHALE is creating eight affordable housing units at the historic Hillman Firehouse on County Street. Originally constructed in 1892-93 as a neighborhood fire station and, later, the city’s civil defense headquarters, was slated for demolition until WHALE and the city stepped in to rescue it.

The Hillman Firehouse is a $3 million restoration project that is consistent with WHALE’s overarching goal to use historic restoration as a tool to stabilize neighborhoods, develop affordable housing and educational space; foster economic vitality and create workforce opportunities; expand New Bedford’s growing arts and culture sector; and preserve New Bedford’s rich historical sites and multicultural heritage.