Wentworth MCA Chapter Members Receive MCERF Scholarship Awards

Boston – For the fifth year in a row, the Wentworth Student Chapter received a Chapter of Excellence Award from MCAA/MCERF. The award totals $7,500, out of which $5,000 is used for scholarships to the most active and dedicated members of the chapter as identified by the faculty advisor.

Every year, 10 student chapters from around U.S. are awarded these prestigious grants based on their contributions and involvement during the year on things such as volunteer work, site trips, student competition, co-ops, etc.

This year’s recipients were: George Hill, chapter VP, senior, CM 2017; Lorina Imami, senior, facilities management 2017; Spencer Liquori, junior, CM 2018; David Puglisi, chapter president, senior, CM 2017; and Brian Tocci, junior, CM 2018.
Also in attendance were: Chuck Hotchkiss, dean of College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management; Scott Sumner, chairman of CM Department; Lory Tyger, coordinator of Student Engagement; CM faculty Ilyas Bhatti, Tom Taddeo, and Bill Kearney; New England MCA/MSCA representatives Frank Stefanick and Stephen Affanato; and Cristina Cosma, faculty advisor.