Wassersug New Timberline President

Steven A. Wassersug

Canton, MA – Timberline Construction, a full-service construction management firm, announced Steven A. Wassersug as new president of the firm. He has over 30 years of construction and real estate industry experience.

He has worn many hats — an owner, investor, and contractor — that will offer Timberline clients a unique perspective and important value add.

At a previous firm, he quickly grew business throughout the New England region, that included commercial development, corporate interiors, and ground-up projects across diverse industries from science and technology to industrial, manufacturing, and higher education.

Wassersug also spent many years at a real estate private equity firm, where he oversaw design and construction on all new and existing projects, playing a key role in the acquisition process and working closely with asset management.

“I am honored to join Timberline Construction where I will have the pleasure of working with a talented, hardworking and dedicated team. I look forward to helping Timberline continue it growth and drive for excellence, build long lasting relationships with our clients, and build a culture that will make Timberline one of the best places to work in the industry,” says  Wassersug.

Timberline has embarked on an aggressive growth strategy by retaining new talent and continuing to train and develop their best-in-class team to set the stage for projected and dramatic growth. Steve worked with most of

Timberline’s field operations team and the entire senior leadership team for over 15 years at a previous firm. Steve’s appointment as President was a strategic, power move to rejoin the Timberline’s company partners and senior leadership team. With deep-rooted relationships and extensive experience in the construction industry together, Timberline’s executive leadership team is a stronger than ever.

“I’ve never been so proud of our team as I am today. We are building one of the best companies in the Greater Boston area. It starts with having the best people and providing them with a culture where they thrive, develop, and achieve both professional and personal goals. Steve Wassersug is a tremendous new asset to Timberline. I am confident that with Steve’s leadership and tenacious work ethic, together, we will we elevate the firm to an even higher level internally and externally to the companies we serve,” said Chief Executive Officer Steven P. Kelly.