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High-Profile Monthly is the media sponsor for The Construction Institute’s 8th Annual Visionaries Forum.

As part of HP’s commitment to keeping up-to-date with the latest trends on technology, ideas, and software in the A/E/C industry, we invited active members of the Construction Institute to answer one (of a series of questions) based on the idea of identifying a visionary (either an individual or a firm/organization).

All Q&As will be posted here as the submissions are sent in.


HP:  Are your employees encouraged or incented to be creative and innovative?

Ted Cutler

“There are few professions that allow us to innovate every day. Architecture is built upon the works of visionaries, and the architecture and building industry as a whole truly thrives when vision is realized through an innovative team process.”

–Ted Cutler, Principal and CEO of Tecton Architects of Hartford, CT.







HP: Are your employees encouraged or incented to be creative and innovative?

“Longevity comes to those who adapt and progress. A truly visionary company recognizes that the best progressive ideas come from those closest to the challenges — their employees. Employees bring unique perspective and offer practical solutions. But to obtain those solutions, a visionary company must foster an environment where every voice is heard and respected. Recognizing that new or younger employees are the least likely to feel comfortable identifying and voicing areas of change, Fuss & O’Neill created the Emerging Leaders Group. Our board selects a group of early-career professionals to lead a year-long program in which these employees select an area of opportunity, develop a solution, and present their project. These projects are put into practice, and the group is recognized for their contribution. This ownership and sense of self, instilled in the nascent phase, evolves and develops throughout a career, creating a company culture of openness and empowerment.”

Kevin Grigg

~ Kevin Grigg, PE, COO of Fuss & O’Neill









HP: What is a quote that embodies your “visionary” philosophy?




“Value engineering isn’t just a process. It is a mindset. It is a strategic approach that differentiates between doing a project right — and doing the right project.”
~ Muthiah Kasi, PE, SE, CVS, chairman emeritus


HP: What is a quote that embodies your “visionary” philosophy?

Tucker Mechanical:

“Vision is not seeing things as they are, but as they will be.”

~ Author unknown



HP: In your opinion, what’s the “can’t do” that needs to become the “can do” in the A/E/C industry?

Pete Schermerhorn

“As compared to other American industries, construction has been sorely overlooked by technology providers, and few other industries are in more need and ready for technology transformation than construction. While tools and regulations have improved, jobsites today function largely in the same way as worksites from the 1950s, relying on manual processes, visual checks, and time-consuming entry of data to coordinate people, assets, and project progress.

“This lack of digitization in construction — the second least digitized industry ahead of only agriculture — means that project stakeholders do not have robust, real-time insights into a job’s progress at any point in time.

“While many technology companies look at the construction industry with its tight schedules, tighter budgets and countless moving parts as ‘won’t touch’ or ‘can’t do,’ Triax’s experience developing innovative technology for challenging IT environments meant ‘challenge accepted.’

“Tapping into a site’s most valuable resource — the workers — to convert worksite data into actionable insights is only the first step in our vision of the connected jobsite. Imagine knowing in real time where your workers, equipment, machinery, materials, and tools are onsite and how they’re interacting with each other. The possibilities are endless — and the reality is closer than you imagine.

“Scalable, practical technology on the jobsite needs to become a ‘can do.’ It is time for the construction industry to get the digital attention it deserves and to create an ecosystem that empowers everyone from the workers up to the owners to build safer, smarter, and better than ever before.”

~ Pete Schermerhorn, chief operation officer at Triax Technologies


HP: In your opinion, what’s the “can’t do” that needs to become the “can do” in the A/E/C industry?

Brent Robertson

“Change how the industry works. The current reality of the industry has been in existence long enough for it to feel fixed and unchangeable. This has resulted in a prevailing attitude that ‘we are powerless to do anything about it.’ This is simply not true. We have everything we need to design a better future for the industry; we just need to set aside how it has always been long enough to see it. The good news is that this is already happening. The industryREdesign events I have been involved with are a living, breathing demonstration of members of the industry committing to change things.”

~ Brent Robertson, partner at Fathom, located in West Hartford, Conn.



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