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Viking Signs OSHA Partnership, Hosts Safety Day

Anthony Gaglio, Jr. (center) signs the formal OSHA Strategic Partnership Program with Steve Biasi from the OSHA federal office (l) and Tom Retano from the OSHA Connecticut office.

Bridgeport, CT – As part of an ongoing effort to improve job site safety, Viking Construction has entered into a Strategic Partnership Program with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

This new, voluntary program increases job safety knowledge and health awareness through monthly on-site training and collaboration with OSHA. Each activity is designed to reduce or eliminate job-related injuries to current and future workers in the construction industry.

One of the first programs Viking organized under this partnership was an awareness event at the Strawberry Hill School extension construction site in Stamford.  The event was held on May 8, during the OSHA National Fall Protection Stand-Down week, and highlighted the dangers of construction falls and how falls and related injuries can be avoided.

More than 100 Viking construction workers attended the first OSHA Strategic Partnership Program

Representatives from Viking and OSHA spoke to more than 100 workers on site, providing a presentation and hands-on demonstration on utilization of personal fall arrest equipment.

Viking’s regular training and awareness procedures call for all subcontractors to submit plans prior to the start of any project that identify specific possible safety issues along with steps taken to avoid problems. This information is shared with all team members to increase awareness and reduce incidents.

The new partnership also improves upon Viking’s already impressive safety record among direct employees and subcontractors. OSHA offers review of materials and provides additional resources to help Viking take advantage of best safety practices and programs. Additionally, OSHA will inspect Viking’s job sites, offering an injury and safety analysis.

“Our employees and our subcontractors are the lifeblood of all we do, and we value their safety and well-being above everything else,” said Anthony Gaglio, Sr., president of Viking.  “Our safety program is thorough and comprehensive, covering topics from job injuries, fire, electrical and chemical safety, traffic safety and more.  This new OSHA partnership ensures we have our bases covered, our material is current and relevant, and that we are not overlooking any possible hazards.  We also welcome the opportunity to increase community outreach to influence future construction workers.”